Understanding the Importance of Building Surveys in Ireland: Tips for Homeowners

Buying a home is one of the most significant investments you’ll make in your lifetime. In Ireland, where the housing market can be particularly competitive and properties come in all shapes, sizes, and ages, a building survey is an essential step in the home-buying process. This blog post will guide you through the importance of building surveys and provide valuable tips for homeowners.

Why Building Surveys Matter

A building survey is a detailed inspection of a property’s condition. It highlights potential structural issues, necessary repairs, and maintenance concerns. Here’s why a building survey is crucial:

  1. Identifying Hidden Problems: A thorough survey can reveal issues not visible to the untrained eye, such as dampness, subsidence, or structural weaknesses.
  2. Budgeting for Repairs: Knowing the condition of the property helps you budget for any necessary repairs or renovations, preventing unexpected expenses.
  3. Negotiation Power: Survey results can provide leverage in price negotiations, either to reduce the purchase price or to ensure that repairs are completed before purchase.
  4. Peace of Mind: Understanding the condition of your potential home gives you confidence in your investment, ensuring there are no nasty surprises after you move in.

Tips for Homeowners

1. Choose the Right Survey

Different types of surveys are available, each varying in scope and detail. The most common types are:

  • Condition Report: Provides an overview of the property’s condition, suitable for newer homes.
  • Homebuyer Report: More detailed than a Condition Report, it includes advice on defects that may affect the property.
  • Building Survey: The most comprehensive option, ideal for older or unique properties, providing an in-depth analysis of the structure and condition.

2. Hire a Qualified Surveyor

Ensure your surveyor is registered with a recognized professional body, such as the Society of Chartered Surveyors Ireland (SCSI). This guarantees they adhere to high standards of practice and professionalism.

3. Be Present During the Survey

If possible, attend the survey to ask questions and gain a firsthand understanding of any issues. This direct interaction can provide valuable insights beyond the written report.

4. Review the Report Carefully

Take the time to read the survey report thoroughly. Discuss any concerns with the surveyor and consider obtaining quotes for necessary repairs to understand the potential costs involved.

5. Use the Survey for Future Planning

Even if the survey reveals no major issues, use the information to plan future maintenance and improvements. Regular upkeep is essential to preserving the value and safety of your home.


Q: How long does a building survey take?
A: The duration of a building survey depends on the property’s size and complexity but typically takes between 2-6 hours.

Q: Can I skip the survey if the property looks fine?
A: It’s not advisable. Even well-maintained properties can have hidden issues that only a professional surveyor can identify.

Q: What should I do if the survey finds major problems?
A: If significant issues are found, you can renegotiate the purchase price, request the seller to make repairs, or reconsider your purchase.

Q: How much does a building survey cost?
A: The cost varies based on the survey type and property size but typically ranges from €300 to €1,000. It’s a worthwhile investment for the potential savings and peace of mind.

Building surveys are a critical component of the home-buying process in Ireland. They provide essential insights into the property’s condition, helping you make informed decisions and avoid costly surprises. By choosing the right survey, hiring a qualified surveyor, and thoroughly reviewing the report, you can ensure your investment is sound and your new home is safe and secure.

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